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  1. ISBN 13: 9780768917178
  2. Peterson's New Sat Math Workbook : Peterson's Guides :
  3. Peterson's Math Exercises for SAT (Peterson's Master Math for the SAT)

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  • New SAT Math Workbook, 1st ed (Arco Academic Test Preparation Series).
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If you're looking for a more engaging, personable, or funny writing style, you won't find it in Barron's. Of course, since the book is more of a workbook full of practice questions, you should look elsewhere for in-depth lessons and content review. The book breaks down each SAT Math category into its component concepts.

It has realistic practice problems that are designated as either "Calculator" or "No calculator" to help you get ready for both question types. Each chapter also provides a list of official questions of a certain type to help you drill specific skills. Finally, you can register on the PWN SAT website to get bonus material, as well as watch video answer explanations that walk you through practice problems, step by step.

It will help top scorers with strong math skills, but it won't be as accessible to students who struggle with math. It won't be the best resource to raise low math scores. Rather, it's better to bring already strong scores into the top percentiles. As compared to College Board's four practice tests, 15 is certainly an improvement!

ISBN 13: 9780768917178

Chung's SAT Math book is one of the most comprehensive currently out there in terms of content and practice questions in one place. This book is best for strong math students and top scorers. It doesn't go over the fundamentals and assumes its readers have a stable foundation in math concepts.

It advertises itself as "designed for students to get a perfect score" and provides useful examples and practice questions to this end. The 60 "perfect tips" are brief descriptions of concepts, like linear function, exponents, transformations, and average speeds, paired with a few examples and practice problems to reinforce your understanding.

First, because there aren't a lot of copes available anymore, this book can be quite expensive. Chung does not give you much in the way of review, lessons, or concept reinforcement.

The book mostly assumes you have a strong foundation in math. It's a "no-frills" kind of book that essentially looks like a list of practice problems; you won't find much in the way of introduction or narrative. It's not a book you can fully rely on for your test prep, and it's probably not the best one to start out with, either. Some students have also noted some typos in Dr. Finally, this book is not particularly descriptive of the changes to the SAT.

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  8. It contains relevant practice problems, but it doesn't go into detail about new skills and question types or even the new structure. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the changes , like the addition of trigonometry and non-calculator questions, outside of this book. This book collected the trickiest questions that most students missed over the last ten years of SAT administrations. According to the author, he "reincarnated" these questions in the format of the new SAT. These questions are useful for top scorers who want to make sure they understand fundamental concepts of algebra, geometry, and numbers and how to apply them to the most challenging question types.

    At the same time, this book has some major weaknesses that you should understand before purchasing a copy. The author maintains that his problems have been "reincarnated" to fit the redesigned test, but he doesn't seem to have changed much beyond reducing the answer choices from five to four. For instance, he includes numbers, algebra, and geometry, but no trigonometry.

    He also provides little explanation of the new SAT's focus on real-world word problems and scenarios. Since the math section is the one that changed the least on the SAT, these recycled problems from SATs past will still help you prepare. At the same time, make sure you're aware of the changes that are being made and supplement these questions with ones more specific to the redesigned SAT. Finally, these next two books are useful for the average math student who wants to shore up her foundation in the fundamentals or can only dedicate a limited amount of time to studying.

    If you're planning to devote only a few hours to studying for the math SAT, these books should give you a general overview and introduction to the concepts you need to know. However, if you are taking a more active approach to your test prep, then these are the books you should probably avoid. It includes new concepts, like trigonometry, and has 16 practice sets and over practice problems. Kaplan's book also breaks down the new format and structure of the SAT Math section, while many other books do not.

    It's a useful tool for learning about the new SAT, reviewing 16 key concepts , and trying out practice problems. Kaplan's practice questions tend not to be the best written. They're not always realistic or phrased in the same way that the SAT is. In the beginning of this guide, I emphasized the importance of taking official College Board tests, since they're the best representation of the questions you'll get on test day. Kaplan's questions usually represent the other end of this spectrum, because they don't always resemble actual SAT questions. Doing well is also about strategy.

    Kaplan has some strategies, but they're not that helpful for breaking away from a score of around Kaplan gives a basic overview , but it's not the most helpful resources for students looking to make a large score improvements or understand the material in depth. While Dr. Chung's Math Workbook is spare, Bob Miller's book has funny and accessible introductions.


    Peterson's New Sat Math Workbook : Peterson's Guides :

    If you find it hard to focus on math without some humor , you might find this book more engaging a useful characteristic when you're self-studying with books. Bob Miller's SAT Math focuses more on strategies, techniques, and introductory review than on practice questions. It also lacks an in-depth description of changes being made to the SAT, and it doesn't incorporate the more advanced math problems. This book is really just for the self-described "clueless" math students who want a brief, accessible review. Perhaps it will spark your motivation to move onto better study guides with more comprehensive SAT preparation.

    So there you have it, my recommendations for instruction, practice problems, high scorers, and low scorers.

    SAT PREP 2019: My ULTIMATE SAT Math Practice GUIDE!

    There are pros and cons of each, and hopefully there will be books of ever higher quality published over the next few months. You'll have to set your own schedule, score your own tests, and learn via reading and writing, rather than incorporating visual or auditory approaches. With these considerations in mind, is solely studying for the SAT from books the best option for you as a learner?

    While books used to be the main test prep method for the SAT, now there are lots of other approaches. This gives you a lot more choice in finding a method that fits best with your math level, study style, and goals, not to mention how much money you're able and willing to spend on SAT prep. Books can be affordable, but as you can see from the pros and cons mentioned above, you probably want to use more than one book to truly prepare. This can add up to hundreds of dollars. As more and more test prep companies focus their attention online, you might have to go online to find answers, answer explanations, and other supplementary materials.

    This could divide your attention while still leaving it up to you to spend a long time scoring your own tests. One, it's an all-in-one program that incorporates the best practices from all these books , while also customizing the test prep based on what you already know and what you need to study further.

    It addresses the accountability and self-discipline issue by planning our your study schedule for you in the way that's been proven to be most effective.

    Peterson's Math Exercises for SAT (Peterson's Master Math for the SAT)

    It also takes away the time-waster of self scoring , since it will give you instant feedback on your performance. On a similar note, you can visually see your progress, how far you've gone in the material and how much you have to left to conquer. By incorporating the "pros" of every test prep book - high-quality questions, comprehensive explanations, diagnostic tests, and expert test-taking strategies - and making up for the cons with personalized motivators and progress reports, PrepScholar is an affordable, accessible, and highly effective method of convenient online prep for the new SAT.

    Just as you should diagnose your strengths and weaknesses to best prepare for the SAT, you'd be smart to reflect on your learning style and what method of test prep, whether through books or online, will best meet your needs and allow you to excel on all sections of the SAT. Are you aiming for perfection? This perfect SAT scorer describes all the strategies and techniques he used to achieve a full score on the SAT , and what exactly you need to do to reach that perfect score.

    Besides studying, planning exactly when you're going to take the SAT is also a key consideration for maximizing your performance. Read all about when you should take the SAT as you design your schedule. Want to learn more about the SAT but tired of reading blog articles? Then you'll love our free, SAT prep livestreams.

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