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Deep Spectral Clustering Learning. Semantic Compositional Networks for Visual Captioning. Video Pixel Networks. Masked Autoregressive Flow for Density Estimation. Unsupervised Adaptation for Deep Stereo. SchNet: A continuous-filter convolutional neural network for modeling quantum interactions. Neural Scene De-Rendering. Least Squares Generative Adversarial Networks. Neural Episodic Control.

Structured Embedding Models for Grouped Data. Learning Active Learning from Data. Structured Attentions for Visual Question Answering.

Unsupervised Learning of Disentangled Representations from Video. Dynamic Word Embeddings. Continual Learning Through Synaptic Intelligence. Learning Detection With Diverse Proposals. Joint distribution optimal transportation for domain adaptation. The Statistical Recurrent Unit. Event-Based Visual Inertial Odometry. Neural Message Passing for Quantum Chemistry.

Contrastive Learning for Image Captioning. Open Set Domain Adaptation. Domain-Adaptive Deep Network Compression. Universal Adversarial Perturbations. Asymmetric Tri-training for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation.

Self-organizing map applied to image denoising - IEEE Conference Publication

Reducing Reparameterization Gradient Variance. Shading Annotations in the Wild. Dual Discriminator Generative Adversarial Nets. Zero-Order Reverse Filtering. Deep Cross-Modal Hashing. Deep Growing Learning. Hash Embeddings for Efficient Word Representations.

Learning to Pivot with Adversarial Networks. Deep Metric Learning via Facility Location. The Numerics of GANs. Zero-Inflated Exponential Family Embeddings. Weakly-Supervised Learning of Visual Relations. Context Selection for Embedding Models. Learning Compact Geometric Features. Structured Generative Adversarial Networks.

The Self-Organizing Maps: Background, Theories, Extensions and Applications

Adversarial Feature Matching for Text Generation. Predictive-Corrective Networks for Action Detection. Stochastic Generative Hashing. Deep Learning with Topological Signatures. Streaming Sparse Gaussian Process Approximations. Deep Supervised Discrete Hashing. Federated Multi-Task Learning. Label Distribution Learning Forests. Surface Normals in the Wild. Learning Diverse Image Colorization. Shallow Updates for Deep Reinforcement Learning. Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Networks.

Recurrent 3D Pose Sequence Machines. Captioning Images With Diverse Objects. Off-policy evaluation for slate recommendation. Spherical convolutions and their application in molecular modelling. Multi-Information Source Optimization. Predictive State Recurrent Neural Networks. ExtremeWeather: A large-scale climate dataset for semi-supervised detection, localization, and understanding of extreme weather events.

Consensus Convolutional Sparse Coding. Weakly Supervised Affordance Detection. Joint Learning of Object and Action Detectors. Light Field Blind Motion Deblurring. Coordinated Multi-Agent Imitation Learning. Gradient descent GAN optimization is locally stable. Convexified Convolutional Neural Networks.

Multigrid Neural Architectures. Differential Angular Imaging for Material Recognition. Generalized Deep Image to Image Regression. Fisher GAN. On Fairness and Calibration. Confident Multiple Choice Learning. Curriculum Dropout. Cognitive Mapping and Planning for Visual Navigation. Optimized Pre-Processing for Discrimination Prevention. Learning Motion Patterns in Videos.

Deep Crisp Boundaries. Following Gaze in Video. Model-Powered Conditional Independence Test. Cost efficient gradient boosting. Look, Listen and Learn. Introspective Neural Networks for Generative Modeling. Affinity Clustering: Hierarchical Clustering at Scale. Online multiclass boosting.

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Personalized Image Aesthetics. Lost Relatives of the Gumbel Trick. Diverse Image Annotation. Deep Adaptive Image Clustering. Robust Adversarial Reinforcement Learning. Tensor Belief Propagation. Sparse convolutional coding for neuronal assembly detection. Bayesian inference on random simple graphs with power law degree distributions. Tensor Biclustering. Riemannian approach to batch normalization.

Understanding Black-box Predictions via Influence Functions. Decoupling "when to update" from "how to update". Differentially private Bayesian learning on distributed data. Question Asking as Program Generation. Conic Scan-and-Cover algorithms for nonparametric topic modeling. Lip Reading Sentences in the Wild. Viraliency: Pooling Local Virality. Learning Algorithms for Active Learning.

The World of Fast Moving Objects. Diving into the shallows: a computational perspective on large-scale shallow learning. Rotation Equivariant Vector Field Networks. Recursive Sampling for the Nystrom Method. Global optimization of Lipschitz functions. Device Placement Optimization with Reinforcement Learning. Alternating Direction Graph Matching. Sub-sampled Cubic Regularization for Non-convex Optimization. Bottleneck Conditional Density Estimation. Multi-way Interacting Regression via Factorization Machines. Encoder Based Lifelong Learning.

Pose-Aware Person Recognition. Learning Non-Maximum Suppression. Compatible Reward Inverse Reinforcement Learning. Adversarial Surrogate Losses for Ordinal Regression. Counting Everyday Objects in Everyday Scenes. Aesthetic Critiques Generation for Photos. Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition. Convolutional Pose Machines. Learning Deep Features for Discriminative Localization. Eye Tracking for Everyone. Compact Bilinear Pooling.

Dynamic Image Networks for Action Recognition. Rethinking the Inception Architecture for Computer Vision. Context Encoders: Feature Learning by Inpainting. Weakly Supervised Deep Detection Networks. Natural Language Object Retrieval. Neural Module Networks. Progressive Prioritized Multi-View Stereo. Towards Open Set Deep Networks. Bilateral Space Video Segmentation. Non-Local Image Dehazing. Video Segmentation via Object Flow. Sketch Me That Shoe. Image Captioning With Semantic Attention.

Structured Feature Learning for Pose Estimation. Unsupervised Learning of Edges. Proposal Flow. Structure From Motion With Objects. Semantic Filtering. Personalizing Human Video Pose Estimation. Visually Indicated Sounds. Efficient Deep Learning for Stereo Matching. Detecting Migrating Birds at Night. Recurrent Attentional Networks for Saliency Detection. Fast Algorithms for Convolutional Neural Networks. Fast R-CNN. Fully Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation. Learning Deconvolution Network for Semantic Segmentation. Sequence to Sequence - Video to Text. Deep Colorization.

Deep Neural Decision Forests. Hierarchical Convolutional Features for Visual Tracking. Learning to Propose Objects. Finding Action Tubes. Convolutional Color Constancy. Face Flow. Image Specificity. Mid-Level Deep Pattern Mining. Parsimonious Labeling. Phase-Based Frame Interpolation for Video.

Unconstrained 3D Face Reconstruction. Viewpoints and Keypoints.

2010 – today

Cai et al. Foucher et al. Kinebuchi et al. Portilla et al. Yang et al. Single-image super-resolution reconstruction via learned geometric dictionaries and clustered sparse coding.

Electronic preceedings author index

Qian et al. Hyperspectral imagery restoration using nonlocal spectral-spatial structured sparse representation with noise estimation. A fast algorithm for edge-preserving variational multichannel image restoration.

click Levin et al. Image denoising using trivariate shrinkage filter in the wavelet domain and joint bilateral filter in the spatial domain. Muresan et al. Efficient image denoising method based on a new adaptive wavelet packet thresholding function. Singer et al. Varghese et al. Duval et al. Papari et al. Yu et al.


Image denoising using trivariate shrinkage filter in the wavelet domain and joint bilateral filter in the spatial domain. Nakagaki et al. Haritopoulos et al. Image denoising using self-organizing map-based nonlinear independent component analysis. Dai et al.